Showbox APK Download – Working Updated Version 5.11

In recent times, people have been expressing their problems with Showbox Apk file. Actually, the main reason to get those issues is the file of apk which is malicious. Here I’ve arranged you the apk that is safe and well working. It’s the Showbox latest version that the developers have released. If you need this kind of app on iOS, Movie Box is the one you can try.

The newly updated variant of Showbox is 5.11 (Updated on 27 August 2018). One can notice the little changes that are made in Interface after selecting a movie. The Main screen looks the same, but when you tap on a video, you’ll get somewhat changed options. You’ve Servers – A, B and Torrents. The “Download” option is also a bit varied. Overall, there are a few modifications. Below is the Showbox updated apk file.

showbox apk download

Showbox APK Download – Updated Version

The app can’t be installed either from Play Store or from any site which generates APK by just providing URL of that app’s official page. So, this sideloading procedure is introduced. It means you’ll download the apk that’s created by Showbox developers. This is also considered as the best alternative for Movie Box Android apk file.

There were many versions came before 5.11; they are 5.08, 4.9, 4.82, 4.81, 4.80, 4.73, 4.72 and 4.69. Among them, 4.73 and 4.7 were disaster updates. Showbox V 4.91 is doing good. So, here it goes.

Here’s the link to free download latest version of Show Box apk for Android. You can use this file on PC and Mac also, but not on iPhone or iPad.

After downloading it, please read the below note.

Note: As Third-Party developers generate this file, you need to follow these steps to install Showbox.

  • Your mobile won’t allow you to install the app directly.
  • To let your mobile allow this installation, enable the option called “Unknown Sources” in “Settings”.

updated showbox working

  • The above step is very easy to perform, that’s the major one.
  • Now, touch the Showbox xda apk file (which you’ve downloaded from the above link) and Install it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be mopped up with it.
  • That’s all!

This one is developed in August 2018. You can expect more updates of this kind in next year, 2019 too. If you don’t want any ads while the app is opened or while watching a film, you’ve Showbox pro apk or Showbox lite apk to install. They don’t show any kind of advertisements.

I hope you’re victorious in making Showbox apk download and installing the app also. If you’ve any queries, smaller or bigger, but don’t forget to leave them in comments.