MovieBox Install Without “Moviebox Could Not be Installed at this Time” Error

As we all know Movie Box is one of the most famous movie streaming applications like Showbox. Showbox was developed for Android mobile users and Movie Box is for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). Nowadays, people have been struggling with common errors like Movie Box NOT working/Movie Box has stopped working and Movie Box could not be installed at this time.

Movie Box stopped working error commonly arises when the real-time traffic is so high. That means a huge number of people around the world accessing the servers of this movies application. This problem is not from our end so we cannot actually solve this error. But I tried some different methods and found a perfect way to install moviebox without “It could not be installed at this time”.

Download Movie Box Without It Could not be Installed At This Time

In this procedure, you will need a Windows PC. We are going to install movie box to iPhone/iPad with the help of Windows Desktop/Laptop.

1) Download Vshare for windows PC – click here.

2) Install it on your PC/Laptop like you any general software. Now open Vshare from the desktop icon and connect your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) to the computer.

download vshare button3) The Vshare application will be downloaded to your device. It just takes minutes of time to install to your phone.

downloading going on for vshare4) Once it got installed on your smartphone you should authorize the developer option on your mobile otherwise you can’t install any applications from Vshare. To do that, Go to Settings > General > Device Management, Find and click the description file of the same name & Click trust in the popup.vshare authorization popup5) Now it is verified and ready to use for downloading apps. Go to the menu screen, open the vShare application and search for Movie Box.

search for movie box on vshare appMovie Box application has been installed on your device successfully and it’s ready to stream movies on iPhone/iPad (iOS) free download for iPhone 6/6s Plus&5/5s, iPad air mini 2 & iOS 12, 11, 10, 9, 9.1, 7, 8.1,8.3, 8.4.

Other Methods To Install Movie Box without Errors

Before you start installing the Movie Box application, you need to check these things properly so that there is a 70% chance to get rid of Could not be installed at this error.

  1. Your safari browser should work well to complete this thing properly.
  2. Internet connection has to be working well while the installation process is going on.
  3. Now, in your safari browser, visit –
  4. There will be a direct download button, you can start installing it by tapping on the button.

Or else if you get Movie Box not working error then you should go for Play Box HD application iOS version. Once developers fix errors on Movie Box, you can switch over to it again from the PlayBox app. There are other movies application you can try like Showbox alternatives.

Kindly, do visit this blog for the latest updates on various Movie Box errors and issues. Bookmarking this website is recommended by the moviebox developers as they contact us every time. On behalf of this movies application, we speak and announce news of it. Thanks for your patience.