Movie Box App Download For Android/iOS

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This post also contains the perfect way or the method to download Movie Box for iOS 8.4/8.3 and other versions. It’ll, of course, will include iPod Touch, iPhone 6/6S Plus or 7 Plus and iPad Air/Air 2 or other models.

Movie Box is not just a movies application, but it’s also an excellent service for the people who love to enjoy their time with the films.

Yes, now you don’t have to worry about watching movies on your iOS or Android. I’m going to suggest you an application for this purpose; that is Moviebox application.

One more thing, it’s not necessary to Jailbreak your iPhone to get this App.

Moviebox has vast followers and contains full-fledged content of shows as well as the pictures. They are collected from all the fields; if you’re a fan of horror or thriller or suspense or action, whatever it may be, you can get all of them with this one source. That too, it will not charge anything to you. It’s just a matter of minutes, and then you can freely enjoy all your favorite stuff on it.

Movie Box App For iOS/Android

Below content is to get the app on iOS; Android user can go through this tutorial or click on the red button below. This movies application is best considered for Apple iOS. This time, it’s dedicated to putting free Moviebox for iPhone 6S Plus/6 or 7 Plus or 5S without Jailbreak. Of course, it’s also to install Movie Box for iPad Air 2/Air/Pro and every other device.


You might be thinking about the compatibility of Movie box with your device. Don’t get into that, since I’m giving you two sources for downloading it. One is for the gadgets which are working with iOS 6 and lower versions; the second source is to get the app on iOS 7 or iOS 8 and all other operating systems. There are some steps which will surely help you to install it in an absolute manner.

Moviebox For iPhone or iPad

There are two ways to install the app on Apple devices. Here goes the first one.

Method #1 to Download Movie Box

  • You need to download the software called vShare from this source. Then, install that software.
  • After doing that, go to search bar and type “Movie Box” there.
  • In the search results, find Moviebox application and install it.
  • It’ll ask you to “Trust” the source. You can do it.

The first one works for you, in case if this doesn’t work for you, go through this second procedure.

Method #2

  • First off, modify the date on your current device. Make the difference at least one year, put it as 1st of August 2014.
  • The browser must be executed now and find the links below according to your OS.
  • Install the app on iOS 6 and beneath versions. Download it for iOS 7, 8 and later versions.
  • You’ll be guided to the web page where you can observe an “Install” greenish button.
install moviebox

Hit Install

  • By tapping on that, it’ll ask you for permission to fetch that app which is being designed by unknown developers.
  • Don’t bother, only hit “Trust.”
  • Password: You need to enter moviebox to continue the installation.

If you’re getting a message saying that, “it can’t be installed now.” Then, Jailbreak may help you to install the app. Later Jailbreaking, try to do the same what I said above.

With all the above info, you’ll feel it assistive for Moviebox app download on iOS 8.4/8.3. Share my article in your friends’ circle to let them also download it. Leave your ideas in the comments.